For your Party or Event

Whether it’s a corporate event, anniversary celebrations or indeed any event; we can provide beautiful flowers and a selection of decorative items.  Some items are available to hire which we can deliver and set up for you and then come back and take them all down again.  All the hire items can be tailored to your required theme or colour scheme.  We can also create items that will be entirely bespoke and yours to keep if you wish.

Why Silk rather than Fresh?

We've been working with silks since 2010 and often get asked why might someone want silk flowers rather than fresh.  There are lots of reasons actually, as they are more robust than fresh flowers you have far more creativity afforded to you.  You don't have to worry about seasonality - if you want peonies in January or winter roses in May it's no problem.   Of course they're also fantastic for any hay fever sufferers!  But most importantly - treated well, they can last forever. An event organiser can set up their event as early as they please and know the decoration is going to look as beautiful in a weeks time as when it was put in place - and if they've chosen to buy rather than hire some or all of the display, they'll be able to keep it in their home for years to come.

See a full list of all our 'for hire items' or take inspiration from our gallery.

Please get in touch at any time to discuss your needs, arrange an appointment or request a quote.